NLNG Divisions



  • Youth (12 years old and under)
  • Teen (13-17 years old) 
  • Pro (no age restrictions)


  1. There is no age restrictions for the Pro division however if you choose to run Pro you must stick with Pro for the entire NLNG season.
  2. Athlete can choose division to compete in as long as its there age group or older.
  3. Age cut off is based on the first comp of the year. This season is June 30th.

Competition rules


  • ABSOLUTLEY NO prior knowledge of course.
  • All athletes will get a course walk through with the judges to go over rules and ask questions prior to the start of the competition.  This is the only time questions will be allowed.
  • Ask it or risk it applies to each obstacle. Don’t try it without asking.
  • After the walk through all athletes will be escorted to isolation room and can not watch any athletes compete.  At this time all devices phones, computers, tablets and any other web devices will be checked in/not allowed in the quarantine room.
  • Athletes will be required to post to social media prior to their run to let fans know when they will be live on Twitch.  This will be supervised.
  • Course/obstacles may not be practiced prior to your run.
  • There will be no mulligans. If you fail and obstacle you move on to the next until your second fail. 
  • A QUALIFIER Competition course will have a min of 6 obstacles youth, 7 obstacles teen and 8 obstacles adult/pro with a 2 obstacles fails ending the run. If an athlete fails 2 obstacles in a QUALIFIER their run will end.  
  • Each athlete will be given no more then 40 seconds between each obstacle, however this will count in the total course time. 
  • The judge will give a  Competed, Not Completed, 25 second reminder and a 7 second countdown to begin the next obstacle. Judges will start the timer as soon as the previous obstacle is complete.
  • Qualifier course may have time limits, if this is the case the time limit will be disclosed with the rules.
  • Every obstacle will have specific, visibly marked, start and ending point. If a line is crossed even by a hair the obstacle is lost. This is based on judge’s discretion, there will be no video reviews.
  • If an obstacle is done differently then described in the rules, the competitor will risk losing that obstacle and point or points associated with it.
  • Each obstacle will be rewarded points for completion.  Amount of points each obstacle is worth will not be disclosed to competitors.  This forcing every competitor to try their best on every obstacle.
  • Athletes must try every obstacle.
  • Multiplier points will be added by completing previously approved string of obstacles.  Multipliers will be discussed during rules.
  • If more than one competitor completes all the obstacles the overall time of each will decide the winner.  
  • Athletes will have only one try at each obstacle. If you fail to complete for any reason, your 40 second timer starts for the next obstacle.  40 second time will count against your overall course time.
  • Finish times will be kept at the completion of each obstacle to judge against others who fail at the same point. 
  • In the event of an obstacle malfunctions or breaks the athlete will be allowed to return back to the starting area (last obstacle finished) or choose a rerun from the start of the course. The rerun will happen immediately after the malfunction/break is corrected. The course judge will determine when the athlete is adequately rested. If the "start from the beginning" is chosen the strikes from the initial run will carry over.

                       Example of Malfunctions:

                           1. Course not being reset.

                           2. Obstacle breaking

                           3. Obstacle not functioning properly.

                           4. Timer malfunctions.

General Info


  • Each athlete is responsible for getting to and from the competition as well as accommodations. 
  • Each athlete is responsible for being at the competition at the assigned time.
  • No age restrictions for Pro divisions.  However you must stick with the same division for the entire NLNG season.
  • NO LIVE STREAMING COURSE RUNS BY SPECTATORS.  Spectators are allowed to film runs for posting on individual social media feeds.
  • Athlete must be ready to go at his assigned time, because this is a live stream we will not wait!
  • After each individual run, they are to promptly leave the competition site. No contact of any kind to other competitors that have not yet competed. 
  • The finished athlete will not return to quarantine room.
  • Audience must adhere to the following rules: Absolutely no coaching! Any coaching will result in immediate DQ.  This is very striclty enforced.
  • No personalized music during stream.  This is a licensing problem and out of our hands.
  • Once the athlete is taken from the quarantine room they will be given 2 minutes to plan their run and prepare for the start. Athletes can not receive any help from organizers, judges or camera people at any point during this time.  Athletes will be given a 1 minute and a 30 second warning and then there run will start.
  • This competition will be a single stage.
  • No obstacle adjustments will be made for Male and Female competitors.
  • All rules are subject to change

Twitch Rules

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  • Be positive and helpful to other viewers.  
  • Be respectful to moderators and ninjas. Disrespectful/hateful or just rude comments can result in a ban from our channel.
  • Do not disrespect other streamers or create drama between streamers.
  • Racism or discrimination will result in a immediate ban.
  • English only.
  • Avoid religious & political discussions.
  • This is a live stream, so you may hear some adult language from time to time. We will try to keep it under control but it may slip out.
  • Get your friends to follow us on and help us change the sport of Ninja
  • Donations are not necessary to enjoy the stream but are GREATLY appreciated.